The Pudgy Book Of Mother Goose

  • Read the title on the cover of the book. Name and point to each picture.
  • Read the book to your child and describe what you see on each page.

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The Pudgy Book Of Mother Goose Cover
Activity Icon Let's Snack Together

Let's Snack Together

What You Need:

  • Plain Sugar Free Yogurt
The Pudgy Book Of Mother Goose Snack
Activity Icon Let's Sing Together

Let's Sing Together

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Marry had a little lamb
its fleece was white as snow,
and Everywhere that Mary went
the Lamb was sure to go.

Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
the sheep in the meadow the cows in the corn.
Where is the little boy who looks after the sheep?
He is under the haystack fast asleep.

Activity Icon Let's Fingerplay Together

Let's Fingerplay Together

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffett
(Sit the baby down)
Eating her Curds and whey
(Get the baby’s hand and put it up to their mouth like they are eating)

(Use your fingers to crawl beside the baby)
Along came a spider and sat down beside her.
(Pick the baby up and pretend she is running away)
And frighten Miss Muffet away.

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Let's Craft & Play Together

The Pudgy Book Of Mother Goose Craft

Materials Needed:

  • White Construction paper
  • Different color paint
  • Plastic egg


  1. Dip the plastic egg in the different color paints.
  2. Give the egg to the child and let them roll the egg on the paper.