Welcome, New Friends

Children need to learn about the importance of friends during the early years by interacting and playing with one another through different stages of play. Children are learning from the first days of school what it means to play and have friends.  Children are teaching each other likes and dislikes.  Come join us as we learn about the power of love we have with our friends and learn about what makes each of us special!

two young friends portrait
Activity Icon What is a Letter? (Week 1)

What is a Letter? (Week 1)

Activity Icon Corduroy Book Activity (Week 2)

Corduroy Book Activity (Week 2)

Activity Icon Amazing, Concept and Compound Words (Week 2)

Amazing, Concept and Compound Words (Week 2)

Activity Icon Sorting Activity (Week 4)

Sorting Activity (Week 4)

Activity Icon Sorting and Counting (Week 4)

Sorting and Counting (Week 4)